All Directions - The Bubble Project


My mind is going in all directions, left, right, front, back, up, and yes, down.

I try to create a focus. A fixed point on my own horizon that I can relate my thoughts to.

When I set sail to find peace in my mental world, a storm arises, and wind captures my thoughts, they blow the sails with chaos.

A bubble has burst, colours flowing out, a spray of coloured drops settle on a paper canvas, the dry surface absorbs the leftovers of the bubble.

The bubble was loaded with colour particles, fluids, glycerin and soap. The fluids disappear into the air and the colour sets inside the fibres of the paper canvas, together with the glycerin and soap. It grows and grows, it’s expanding, it’s alive, it develops. With each new bubble joining in, more of an image is created. But what does the image show?

Look at a bubble. Its gentle way of floating silently, its way of just being a bubble contradicts the brutal and dominant storm in my head.

Now my attention is seized, something simple and pure as a bubble, just passing me without fear. Does it know of its short life? Is it aware of its certain death? Does it know fear? Will it try to stay alive just that little bit longer?

Does it know of the inevitable?

A bubble, accompanied by its friends, bravely floats towards a surface, to throw themselves on it by the numbers, a case of life and death is visualised in front of our eyes. Is it a race? Who will win? Are there winners?

The bubbles seem clueless, they are oblivious to the dangers ahead, naively following each other to their imminent demise. There is no escape, but it doesn’t matter, there is no need for an escape.

In front of you can be seen the lifespan of a bubble, a bubble that calmed me down, it’s not that I enjoy the suffering of it, it’s the complete simpleness, the heading into the unknown.. Can a bubble see where it’s going?
The bigger they are, the more alive they become. The bigger they are, the bigger the impact.

The smaller bubbles create the detail, it’s all in the small numbers. Or maybe in this case, the big numbers.

We remember a time where the bubble was simply tap water, some pigment and dishwashing soap, a bit of glycerine here and there, and patience, a lot of patience, oh and love too.. And everything needs to be in the right quantities and ratios.

The molecules adhere to the surface of the bubble wand, and while it scoops through the soapy solution the molecules try to keep on their dear lives, but all is lost, the surface tension pulls them apart, away from their save haven.
In fact, the molecules are pulling so hard on each other, that they somehow find their way back to their siblings and form a closed surface bubble with air trapped in the middle.

They have to fly for the first (and last) time in their life! No time for learning to fly, no, a bubble will immediately have to prove itself in the air, together with little bit of help from a bit of wind or draft.

Practically everything in a bubbles life is super dangerous, almost any encounter with anything else but open air or a soapy surface will be lethal to the bubble.

Bubbles give joy to people, they like to watch them float and follow their paths until they pop. Kids will try to follow the bubbles even further than their parents and yell out to their parents that they saw it pop; ‘Daddy! I saw it pop all the way over on the tree over there!’

I wonder if people realise that they are actually watching the death of a bubble, and even highly motivated to help euthanising the bubbles if they get the chance.

You must admit that almost every person has at least once in his or her life, popped a bubble.

If a religious person kills a bubble with their finger, slap them into a cloud of thousands of wet particles with their hand, or simply step on it because it didn’t pop when it hit the ground.. Will they go to hell if their god sees it?

It started with research
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