Nomadic Furniture - Graduation Thesis


As we go and leave the safety of our own house for what- ever reasons possible, we end up being outside. A public realm, which is for the biggest part designed and made- up by local government in conjunction with advisors, cityplanners, architects and the like.

It is almost impossible to reach a destination elsewhere without passing anything designed or prepared for interaction (benches, traffic lights, crossings, public parks, etc.) on your way there. And mostly everything is designed for people going from A to B.

This thesis will look at the seating elements that determine our surroundings, whether they are designed for practical use, designed for aesthetic reasons or have even gained a certain unintended functional purpose just by their physical property. Do they give us what we need? Is the state of public furniture good as it is, or do we need improvement? I will look through the eyes of the wanderers, they who don’t go from A to B, but they who dwell in the cityscape.

Another purpose of this thesis is to try to show a different view on the public realm, and that we as users of public furniture can develop a sensitivity for understanding and interacting with the space. Most of the the physical connections that we can make with the city are already designed for us, it leaves little room for our own input. Others can’t always decide for us what’s best, as ‘we’ the users are the ones interacting with the space. Are we really interacting with the space?

You can download the complete thesis from HERE.

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