The Branch Lamp


The Branch Lamp was initially designed to be a one-off. I was asked by a coffeeshop to design a lamp that would light up the area above their reading table in the back of the coffeeshop.

At first the design would be a hollowed-out tree branch that would have an open topside from which light would be cast into the room, and in this way create indirect lighting in order to let visitors read with soft light in their eyes. The idea for using a branch as a lamp came from the coffeeshop's explanation wanting a connection with the outside. There was a small window in the roof above where the lamp would hang where you could see trees and plants standing on the roof. I decided to extend this nature from outside to inside by using a beautiful branch.

As the project went on, it turned out the roof could not support as much weight as was initially planned (the coffeeshop was being constructed while I worked on the lamp), so I had to adjust the design accordingly and came up with a new concept. Instead of using the branch itself, I would abstract the shape of the branch with a translucent material. This material allows the light source to be placed inside the branch and would give both indirect lighting and a lightweight end product.

The lamp can be dimmed through the use of a remote controller and gives out a neutral white light. The color of the light can be decided upon production.

Eventually I decided this lamp would not stay a one-off, but that it would be the parent to a whole family of similar lamps which are in production as-we-speak. A full range from smaller lamps lies in the light of the future. The biggest being about 2.5 meters long and the smallest being about 1 meter in length.

Stay tuned for more...

The first time the lamp was turned on. The effect was beautiful and was exactly as envisioned. At this time I didn't have my own workshop so I was limited to working in my own livingroom.
The branch was collected from a farm in the city of Lochem on the other side of the country. It was very important to find the right kind of shapes in the branches and the right kind of wood. Eventually I settled for a big branch that split into three smaller ones.
Here the lamp can be seen in the lunchroom it was designed for.
Closer view of the textures on the material. It is visible that the bark of the tree has transferred it's texture into the material.
The first prototype hanging above my desk, and the eventual production lamp on the floor. Parent and child.
After installing the lamp in the lunchroom. The effect worked really well in the space of the room.
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